Millennials Destined to Disrupt Wall Street

By 2020, Millennials will comprise more than one of three adult Americans. It is estimated that by 2025 they will make up as much as 75 percent of the workforce. Given their numbers, they will dominate the nation’s workplaces and permeate its corporate culture. Understanding the generation’s values offers a window into the future of the financial industry and much of corporate America.In the Millennial era, most Americans will demonstrate a greater desire to advance the welfare of the group and be less concerned with individual success. They will be less worried about being guided in... Read more
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Millennial Myths: Why Beltway Insiders Can't Let Go of the Fantasy of a Generation Up For Grabs - Guest Post by Ryan Casey

Practically since the day after Barack Obama won the Presidential election in 2008—largely on the strength of Millennial voters—Beltway pundits have claimed that those same Millennials have become disillusioned with Obama and the Democratic Party, and will therefore forever be up for grabs in American elections.In the run-up to the 2012 election, a flurry of news items and analysis seized on poll results like this one from the Harvard Institute of Politics and this one from Pew to signal a collapse of support for the president among Millennials,... Read more
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GenX: Misunderstood and Underestimated - Guest Post by Mike Brooks

The 2008 financial crisis had--and continues to have--varying impacts on the generations.   Baby Boomers, many approaching or reaching retirement age, simply have their eye on getting over the finish line. Millennials, just starting off financially and with little to no assets or liabilities, have seen their financial lives stall before even getting started.  GenX however has the most difficult road of all.In the midst of their high earning years, while dealing with mortgages and young families, it seems that the rules of the game changed mid-stream. Their 401k’s are no longer... Read more
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Coordinating Innovation and Cultivating Creativity Are Keys to Success for Leading Millennials

Finding the right mix between encouraging learning and growth within an organization while still providing enough direction to keep the entity on course remains the biggest leadership challenge facing anyone seeking to harness the energy and enthusiasm of America’s youngest, largest and most diverse generation of workers. Although strategic direction will still come from the leaders of organizations in the future, new work processes and behaviors need to embrace the bottom-up approach to solving problems that Millennials, born between 1982 and 2003, favor.Part of the answer to this challenge is... Read more
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Miracle on 24th Street

Confrontation and conflict are the favorite dispute resolution tools of Baby Boomers, who were born in the aftermath of WWII and grew up in the rebellious ‘60s. In stark contrast, members of the Millennial generation, born 1982-2003, bring a spirit of collaboration and consensus to solving any problem they encounter. A great example of what a difference this generational distinction can make is the cooperative spirit the parents at the LA Unified School District’s 24th Street school, most of whom are Millennials in their twenties or early thirties, used... Read more
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Equality of the Sexes Is Most Distinctive Attitude of Millennials

The Millennial generation’s (born 1982-2003) attitude that will have most impact on the daily lives of Americans is the distinctive and historically unprecedented belief that there are no inherently male or female roles in society. This belief stems directly from Millennials’ experience growing up in families in which the mother and father took on roughly equal responsibilities for raising their offspring. As men and women enter the workforce on an equal footing this generation’s belief in gender neutrality will force major changes in our laws governing the work place and... Read more
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There's Real Economic Development Gold in El Dorado—Arkansas

For centuries, explorers searched for the legendary golden city of El Dorado, seeking instant wealth in the jungles of South America. But today’s treasure trove may be found much closer to home; cities like El Dorado, Arkansas, for example, that have successfully linked their economic development strategy to improving the educational attainment of their residents.El Dorado, a city of about 20,000 people that was at the heart of Arkansas’s oil boom in the 1920s has been hard pressed to reprise that economic growth experience in this century.  Instead of... Read more
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Confrontation and Crisis will Create New Millennial Era Civic Ethos

Depending on one’s partisan leanings, the desire of House Republicans to shut down the federal government if the Democrats don’t agree to repeal ObamaCare may seem to be either a courageous ideological stand or a kamikaze mission sure to destroy its proponents, if not the country. However, from a generational perspective it is not only a predictable but a necessary step in the country’s search for a new consensus on the role and size of government.Nor is it coincidental that the current confrontation is coming to a head just... Read more
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Millennials Prefer Security to Privacy

Over the centuries, differences in generational attitudes have caused the nation’s consensus on how to balance the tension between security and privacy to shift. Group and civic-oriented generations, such as the GI generation that fought in World War II, emphasized safety and security. Individualistic generations, such as today’s Baby Boomers and Generation X, tilted the balance back toward protecting privacy from the intrusions of big government or big business.Today another civic generation, Millennials, born between 1982 and 2003, is emerging into young adulthood and, like other cohorts of their type,... Read more
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Generational Déjà vu in Syrian Debate

The current Congressional debate over Obama’s request to attack Syria for its use of chemical weapons embodies the same generational consequences and disagreements as the debate over the United States joining the League of Nations did almost one hundred years ago. The outcome of that vote settled the direction of American foreign policy for two decades, the span of a generation. The outcome of today’s debate may well have the same consequences for shaping the role of the United States in the world for another generation.In... Read more
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