The Future And Young Voters?

Countless articles have been written since the November election about the electorate and the voting habits---present and future---of various demographic segments. For example, in a recent article a Harvard prof suggested that Millennials (a cohort of some 95 million young Americans) were going to become more conservative and that the Democrats ought to beware. Community Advocates asked two of the leading mavens on Millennials, Morley Winograd and Michael Hais, to offer their analysis. It is thoughtful and data rich.---David A. Lehrer"The man who is... Read more
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Farewell to America’s First Millennial President

President Obama will be seen by historians as the first president to bring millennial values to the challenges of the Oval Office. He isn’t a millennial (in fact he has two millennial children), but his leadership style and beliefs reflect America’s largest and most diverse cohort. And while much of the rest of America is divided on how well he has performed as the nation’s 44th president, Obama has won overwhelming approval from the millennial generation, born 1982-2003.More than three-fourths of millennials (77%) approved of Obama’s... Read more
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The Democrats' Generation Gap

Not since the Vietnam War and the presidential primary campaigns of 1968 and 1972, has America seen as wide a gap in voting behavior between older and younger voters within a political party as the Democrats are experiencing this year. Healing that rift becomes the primary challenge for Hillary Clinton whose general election victory could very well depend on winning over millennials (born 1982-2003) to her side.The youngest adult millennials, those between 18 and 29 years of age, have voted for Senator Bernie Sanders in Democratic primaries in states across... Read more
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For The Sake Of Millennials, Build, Builders, Build

Removing current obstacles to Millennial home ownership would increase the value of the U.S. housing market by at least one trillion dollars over the next five years, representing the sale of around five million homes. America’s housing policies should therefore focus on removing the obstacles to home ownership for this generation in order to bring these “missing Millennials” into the market.  Millennials’ plans for family formation are expected to lead to an increase of 8.3 million homes from now through 2018, worth about $1.6 trillion in... Read more
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A Truly Historic Super Tuesday

This year’s Super Tuesday primaries will give both parties a chance to decide which of their candidates offers the best policy prescriptions to address the nation’s challenges.  Surprisingly for a campaign that is supposedly focused on America’s future, many of the ideas being proposed echo proposals from America’s past.  It’s almost as if the ghosts of not just Ronald Reagan, but Huey Long, William Jennings Bryan, and Norman Thomas have come back to haunt us, making this one of the scariest presidential campaign seasons in recent memory. For GOP, it’s Reincarnation of... Read more
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Iowa Reveals Political Schizophrenia of American Electorate

This February, America will crown its professional football champion, name the best of the previous year’s movies, and begin to set the direction of its presidential politics. In what might be a mixed metaphor, voters in both parties seem torn between the desire to overturn the system that gave us The Big Short or to throw a long pass in one last desperate attempt to win the game within the existing rules. In trying to sort through which of these strategies they want to pursue, voters are demonstrating, once again, the power... Read more
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GOP Debate: "Meet The Parents" Night for Millennials

Despite record CNN audiences for its three hours of continuous political debate among the Republican presidential primary candidates last week, the GOP failed once again to engage the Millennial voters it will need to be successful in the 2016 general election. Instead, the whole thing was more likely to remind Millennials of the raucous 2000 version of the movie, “Meet the Parents.” Just as in that comic sendoff of what can go wrong when cultures and generations clash, the evening featured non-stop attacks on the Millennial generation’s heroes and its beliefs.... Read more
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America Takes a Giant Step into the Millennial Era

As America approaches the 239th celebration of its independence, the events that began with the horrific shooting of innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th and culminated in an eloquent eulogy to their grace, and God’s, ten days later by President Obama, seemed to signal a shift in the nation’s direction to a more tolerant, inclusive and confident nation. Those three traits are themselves a reflection of the attitudes and beliefs of the increasingly omnipresent Millennial generation. They form the basis for a new civic ethos that... Read more
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The New Demographics of America and the Future of American Politics

In these two interviews by "Arts, Culture and Politics with Hoyt Hilsman" Morley discusses the new demographics of America and the future of American politics.       Read more
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Boomer Dominance Means More of the Same in the 114th Congress

  Generational trends forecast continued gridlock and partisan rancor in the 114th Congress that opens on January 6. During the past two decades, Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) first shaped and eventually dominated both the way Congress operates and its output, or lack thereof. Given their numbers and the traits that characterize many Boomers, the cohort can be expected to continue its Congressional ascendancy for the next decade or more. During that period Congress is likely to behave pretty much as it has during this century.Boomers became a majority in the House of Representatives in... Read more
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