Iowa Reveals Political Schizophrenia of American Electorate

This February, America will crown its professional football champion, name the best of the previous year’s movies, and begin to set the direction of its presidential politics. In what might be a mixed metaphor, voters in both parties seem torn between the desire to overturn the system that gave us The Big Short or to throw a long pass in one last desperate attempt to win the game within the existing rules. In trying to sort through which of these strategies they want to pursue, voters are demonstrating, once again, the power... Read more
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GOP Debate: "Meet The Parents" Night for Millennials

Despite record CNN audiences for its three hours of continuous political debate among the Republican presidential primary candidates last week, the GOP failed once again to engage the Millennial voters it will need to be successful in the 2016 general election. Instead, the whole thing was more likely to remind Millennials of the raucous 2000 version of the movie, “Meet the Parents.” Just as in that comic sendoff of what can go wrong when cultures and generations clash, the evening featured non-stop attacks on the Millennial generation’s heroes and its beliefs.... Read more
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America Takes a Giant Step into the Millennial Era

As America approaches the 239th celebration of its independence, the events that began with the horrific shooting of innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th and culminated in an eloquent eulogy to their grace, and God’s, ten days later by President Obama, seemed to signal a shift in the nation’s direction to a more tolerant, inclusive and confident nation. Those three traits are themselves a reflection of the attitudes and beliefs of the increasingly omnipresent Millennial generation. They form the basis for a new civic ethos that... Read more
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The New Demographics of America and the Future of American Politics

In these two interviews by "Arts, Culture and Politics with Hoyt Hilsman" Morley discusses the new demographics of America and the future of American politics.       Read more
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Boomer Dominance Means More of the Same in the 114th Congress

  Generational trends forecast continued gridlock and partisan rancor in the 114th Congress that opens on January 6. During the past two decades, Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) first shaped and eventually dominated both the way Congress operates and its output, or lack thereof. Given their numbers and the traits that characterize many Boomers, the cohort can be expected to continue its Congressional ascendancy for the next decade or more. During that period Congress is likely to behave pretty much as it has during this century.Boomers became a majority in the House of Representatives in... Read more
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How to Talk to Boomers About Retirement: A Millennial Guide

It’s time for Millennials (born 1982-2003) to have that tough talk about retirement with members of the Baby Boom generation (born 1946-1964). Unless more Boomers start stepping down soon, the path to promotions and career progress for younger generations will continue to be blocked by people who haven’t shown any inclination to leave, especially after the Great Recession devastated many Boomers’ retirement portfolios. But using logic or inter-generational appeals isn’t likely to be successful and would seem... Read more
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Millennials: A Powerful, Suburban Living Generation

The latest survey data on the  living preferences of the Millennial generation (born 1982-2003) once again validates the picture of a cohort that, contrary to urban legend, actually prefers the suburbs, even as they prepare to shape the suburbs in their own image. We and others have previously made this data-based point on this website. The results of the survey challenges the often wishful thinking of academics and ideologues who yearn for a more urbanized, denser America. The Demand Institute commissioned... Read more
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Beyoncé as the New Voice of Millennial Feminism

  Beyoncé’s performance of her song, “Flawless”, at the Video Music Awards ceremony was the culmination of her efforts to celebrate and endorse the Millennial generation’s concept of feminism. Quoting the Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyoncé proclaimed, “We should all be feminists,” defining a feminist as a “person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.” MTV proclaimed her performance to be “Fearless, Feminist, Flawless, Family Time”, a combination only a Millennial could deliver.The acclaim that Beyoncé received from Boomer women, who had begun to... Read more
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Let's Make Kalamazoo's Promise America's Promise

In 2005, in order to boost their city’s economy, a small group of donors in the city Glenn Miller made famous created the Kalamazoo Promise. It  offered any graduate of the city’s public schools a four-year scholarship covering all tuition and mandatory fees at any of Michigan’s public colleges or universities, provided those students maintained a 2.0 grade average in college and made regular progress toward a degree.The offer had an immediate and noticeable effect on public school enrollments and home construction within the city as families moved back in to take... Read more
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The Time Has Come to Make College Tuition Free

It’s time college tuition was free in this country. Our economic future demands it as well as our commitment to giving all our citizens equal access to higher education, which is the key to opportunity in 21st century America. Free tuition also will dramatically lighten the burden of college debt that trails so many graduates far into their lives.Redeeming America’s Promise (RAP) is a new movement of older Americans allied with members of the Millennial Generation to convince Congress and our fellow citizens to expand our current commitment to free primary and secondary education to higher education. The founders of... Read more
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