Young Voters and the Future of American Politics

Mike Hais and Yael Bromberg join America at a Crossroads. The conversation is moderated by Morley Winograd.

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    America: Meet the Plurals

    Photo by Fabrice Florin via Flickr

    The ability of Parkland, Florida students to change their state’s gun laws in just three weeks after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneham Douglas, something no other group had been able to accomplish in the last twenty years, surprised a lot of people. But, for those who have been reading our books about Millennials and how they fit into a larger cycle of generational archetypes, it shouldn’t have.

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    Welcome to Mike & Morley — Discussing America's transition to the Millennial Era

    As the nation’s largest generation, Millennials are remaking every aspect of American life: entertainment, lifestyles, leadership, work, technology, government, politics, education and community.

    America’s future will depend on how well — and how quickly — it can transition into the Millennial Era.