millennial_majority-2015-nb.jpegMillennial Majority: How A 
New Coalition Is Remaking 
American Politics

A look at how the new coalition of Millennials, minorities and women will shape American politics, government and public policy for the next forty years.



“'Millennial Majority' is exactly the kind of clear-headed, data-driven analysis that smart political strategists would do well to heed.“ 

--David Mark 
Political editor and co-author of "Doubletalk: The Language, Code and Jargon of a Presidential Election"




Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation is Remaking America

Rutgers University Press, 2011

About every eight decades, coincident with the most stressful and perilous events in U.S. history—the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the Great Depression and World War II—a new, positive, accomplished, and group-oriented “civic generation” emerges to change the course of history and remake America. The Millennial Generation (born 1982–2003) is America’s newest civic generation.

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“The authors offer a wonderfully persuasive picture of America's future—by providing a penetrating and well-researched portrait of the rising Millennial Generation that is beginning to define that future. Read this book and find out how Millennials will move America as profoundly as Boomers did in the '60s or as Generation X did in the '80s.” 

--Neil Howe 
Co-author of "Generations and The Fourth Turning"

“Winograd and Hais have emerged as the country’s best and most solidly supported analysts of the emergent Millennial Generation.” 

--Joel Kotkin 
Author of "The New Class Conflict" and Executive Editor of

“In recent years, few have thought so much and been as prescient about the emerging politics of the United States as Mike Hais and Morley Winograd.” 

--Simon Rosenberg 
President/Founder of the New Democrat Network



Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube and the Future of American Politics

Millennial Makeover examines  Millennials’ unique attitudes, behavior and use of technology to remake American politics.

Named by the New York Times’ toughest critic as one of her ten favorite books of 2008.

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“There’s more insight, provocative thinking, and eye-opening connections in this original and optimistic account than you’ll find in a month of political chat on the tube—or maybe a year.” 

--Ronald Brownstein
National Journal Columnist and two-time Pulitzer finalist

“According to the authors of 'Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube, and the Future of American Politics', change is indeed on its way, and the magnitude of that change will be monumental—a tectonic realignment of the sort that occurs about every four decades, leading to a fundamental shift in policy priorities and voter coalitions.” 

--Michiko Kakutani 
The New York Times 

"I have read countless books on politics during my career but "Millennial Makeover" has had more impact on my thinking than any of them."

--Brad Bannon
Political Analyst, Consultant, Talk Radio Host, and Blogger



arab_spring.jpgHeadwaters of The Arab Spring

Explores why generational and technological forces have come together at this moment in history to challenge the leaders of the 
Middle East.