Morley at the podium

Building on material from Mike & Morley's critically acclaimed books (and recent Brookings study), Morley Winograd will show your audience how to make their brand, organization, product or service irresistible to Millennials.

Speaking topics include:

Millennials Upend Wall Street

Millennials think about money differently. They are the least trusting of large financial institutions and would “rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are saying.” They keep twice as much of their savings in cash. Morley will show financial advisors and institutions how to design their products and services to earn the brand loyalty of Millennials. (Download Mike & Morley’s full Brookings Report here.)

The Millennial Reckoning

By 2020, one in three Americans will be Millennials (born 1982-2003). By 2025, they’ll comprise as much as 75% of the workforce. Attracting, serving and engaging Millennials—and winning their brand loyalty—is mission-critical for organizations designed and led by Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Morley will demonstrate how to evolve as a preferred employer, service provider or brand.



“Your address and panel contributions were SO well received. I had so many hard-to-impress people state that your address was the most stimulating talk they had heard in a long time. I appreciate how thoughtfully you prepared to meet our organization’s needs and connect your message to Coach K’s address. The combination was a powerful launch pad for the rest of the meeting.“ 

Alison Smith 
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives 

“Morley Winograd and Mike Hais have treated our annual conference audiences to highly informative and entertaining presentations. Knowing how the Millennial Generation will shape our customers' world in the future is critical to us.” 

Jack Hawks 
Executive Director
California Water Association 

“Morley Winograd is a remarkable speaker and a pleasure to work with; he provides the insights, data, and stories that really drive audience participation. Morley delivered a keynote speech at the iMedia Agency Summit that was expressly tailored for our senior-level marketing executive attendees and resonated well beyond the scope of the event. He’s one of those speakers you’ll want to have back again and again as he makes new observations and discoveries about how tech is altering our behaviors.” 

Jennifer Marlo 
Content Manager 
iMedia Communications, Inc.

“The presentation style was extremely engaging and the insights delivered relevant to audience's businesses as well as their homes. Highly recommended to any audience interested in strategies for creating optimal alignment across generations.” 

Erik Bailey 
Director of Content
CFO Brand 

“Thanks for participating in our event. Not only did you give our audience keen insights about Millennial’s attitudes and priorities — but you put it into context of the other American generations in a way that just made sense. Your presentation was the most popular session at the event.” 

Chris Carbone 

“That was a perfect talk Morley. Very stimulating and very fun. Love your smart thoughts and twinkling sense of humor. Big hit. Students raved!!! Appreciate your time and effort!” 

Trudi Ferguson 
USC Marshall School of Business