Meet Mike & Morley

The Millennial Generation Gurus   


The combined careers of co-authors Morley Winograd  and Mike Hais include entertainment and media market research (Frank N. Magid Associates), a stint in the White House (Clinton-Gore second term), technology and communications (AT&T), academia (USC’s Marshall School of Business and the University of Detroit) and—where it all began for Mike & Morley—Michigan politics (polling and Democratic Party Chairman, respectively).   

But it’s their highly reviewed books (now at three and counting) on Millennials that have captured America’s attention. Their predictions and often pithy analyses have appeared in (or on) The New York Times, The Today Show, CNN, USA Today, PBS NewsHour, NPR, Barron’s, Forbes, Reuters and Univision. 

Based in Los Angeles, Mike & Morley are also on-air pundits and regular contributors to several national publications, including: The Christian Science Monitor, The National Journal, New Geography and PolicyMic.