Moving to the Millennial Era

Millennials are remaking every aspect of American life: entertainment, lifestyles, leadership, work, technology, government, politics, education and community. How can people engage their communities in making a smooth transition to the Millennial Era?

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Bernie Sanders

I'm not sure why you aren't talking more about the coalition you predicted. Millennials are currently talking on Wall Street and corporate America. Talk about Bernie!!

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Free College Tuition Should be Bi-partisan Idea

It's great to have all three Dem. Presidential candidates advocating for free college tuition. Now if only the Republicans would join them.

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The Line of Demarcation: The Challenger As A Millennial Flashpoint?

As a one born in October of 1983, I'm often challenged to define THE moment that separates us from GenX. I've been using the Challenger explosion as a touch point: if you remember the implications of what it meant, then GenX you are. If not, you're likely Millennial. For example, I remember my grandmother telling me the spacemen died, but I remember more details about the couch I was sitting on than the incident itself. Given the implications of early childhood development, would this seem to past muster?

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