In the video linked above, authors Morley Winograd
and Michael D. Hais discuss the importance of
moving America to the Millennial era.

In Commentary:

Miracle on 24th Street

"A school board riven by differences in personality and policy was taught a lesson about how to work in a more collaborative way by the Millennial parents who had embodied
 this new spirit in everything they did."

By Morley Winograd and

Michael D. Hais


Millennials: Economics of Higher Education 

Video from Mike & Morley

 Millennials’ student debt is depressing
US economy. College will become
part of universal, free educational
system in America when Millennials
run things.

  Equality of the Sexes Is
Most Distinctive Attitude
of Millennials

Confrontation and Crisis will Create New Millennial Era
Civic Ethos

"Members of the Millennial generation are as
suspicious of large government bureaucracies
as any libertarian but as dedicated to economic
equality and social justice as any liberal."




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illennials are remaking every aspect of American life: entertainment, lifestyles, leadership, work, technology, government, politics, education and community.
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