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The New York Times
  New Pitch for Health Initiative: Mind Your Mom. Get Insured.
By Katie Thomas

The Daily Beast
  Are Millennials Turning Their Backs on the American Dream?
By Joel Kotkin

National Journal
  What If Millennials Start to Hate Obamacare?
By Alex Roarty

Federal News Radio 
  ABC and Univision's love child bursts to life
By Laura Wides-Munoz - AP - Entertainment News

U.S.News & World Report
  Hate Political Gridlock? Blame It on the Boomers   
By Brad Bannon

  It is very hard to compromise on principles or ideology.  
By Joachim Mols

Daily Trojan
  Author discusses millennials  
By Akshara Sekar

Orange County Register
  Bipartisan distrust of the Beltway
By Joel Kotkin

The Atlantic
  The Outsiders: How Can Millennials Change Washington If They Hate It?
By Ron Fournier

Los Angeles Times
  Are millennials a window of opportunity or a closed door for home builders?
By E. Scott Reckard

HuffPost Live
  Got Friends? The 2013 Friendship Crisis   


National Journal
  Smaller Schools Aren’t Always Better  
By Ronald Brownstein

San Francisco Chronicle
  Millennials may break political gridlock  
By Carla Marinucci

NBC Today Show
  Millennial attitude: Confident or entitled?


Los Angeles Times
  What's in millennials' wallets? Fewer credit cards  
By Emily Alpert

Chief Learning Officer
  Millennials Are the Transformers  
The Week That Was   

ABC News - Univision
  Boston Bombing Reminds A Generation They're Growing Up With Terror 
By Cristina Costantini  

USA Today
  Young adults hit by recession will recover, study says
By Sharon Jayson

  Demography as destiny: The vital American family
By Joel Kotkin    

USA Today
  Who's feeling stressed? Young adults, new survey shows
By Sharon Jayson

USA Today
  From 9/11 to Newtown, Millennial Generation resilient
By Marco della Cava   

CNN Opinion
  Millennials have the power to protect Roe v. Wade
By Nancy Keenan  

Neon Tommy
Annenberg Digital News 
  Obama Uses #My2k To Gain Leverage In Fiscal Talks
By Jackie Mansky 

 The Denver Post 
  Lamm: Millennials have the momentum  
By Dottie Lamm

National Journal
  The American Electorate Has Changed, and There's No Turning Back
By Ronald Brownstein

The New York Times
  Winning a Second Term, Obama Will Confront Familiar Headwinds
By Matt Bai

National Journal
  Election Reinforces Divide Between Millennials, Baby Boomers
By Ronald Brownstein

  Why Obama Won: Hispanics, Millenials Were The Difference
By Joel Kotkin

  If Romney Wins, Here's Who He'll Have to Thank  
By Jim McTague

The Hill's
Pundits Blog
  Some interesting electoral numbers
By Ronald Goldfarb

National Journal
  Demographically, Neither Party Can Assume Majority Coalition After 2012
By Ronald Brownstein

Wbur 90.9
Boston NPR
  Obama Victory Ushers In A Political Realignment
By Elaine Kamarck

American Public Media
  Young voters turn out for Obama
By Amy Scott 

USA Today
  Romney-Ryan ticket opens the GOP's door to younger voters
By Chuck Raasch and Jackie Kucinich

Demo Dirt
Demographic Trends|
Data | Analysis
  Conscientious Consumption
By Galia Myron 

The San Diego
  UCSD study: Facebook boosts voter turnout
By Christopher Cadelago 

USC University of Southern California

  Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?
By Joel Kotkin

The Diane Rehm Show
WAMU 88.5 
Washington DC.
  Political Implications Of Today's Generation Gap  

The Fiscal Times
  Career Coaches Profit Off Struggling Millennials    


USA Today
Grim job prospects could scar today's college graduates  

The Millennial factor
“'Despite the economy, Obama’s message resonates with this generation. Winograd and Hais say that, by 55 percent to 39 percent , Millennials prefer an activist government to a smaller one that delivers fewer services.”

The Raw Story
Observers of ‘millennial generation’ expect them

to come out for Obama

“'In the 2008 election, Millennials provided somewhere between 70 and 80% of President Obama’s winning margin, even though they were only 17% of the electorate' Winograd told Current TV’s Jennifer Granholm. ”

Experience Austin Texas
Getting Political on Social Networks
“Morley Winograd, co-author of Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation Is Remaking America, views hitting the “like” button as comparable to putting up a traditional political yard sign. So when a friend visits your Facebook page, as when dropping by your house, they’ll see who and what you support.”

National Journal
Track the Toddlers: Impacting Election 2028?
“Millennials, the largest generation numerically at 92 million, lean left on many issues, which would seem to favor Democrats, Hais said. But not all of them have begun to vote yet, so it’s difficult to know how they will ultimately split.”

Los Angeles Times
Welcome to the DIY generation
“Data collected by Morley Winograd and Michael Hais, who have studied Millennials, show not only the same trends but also a changing mind-set. The number of college freshmen who believe that it is "essential or very important to help people in need" soared to its highest level, 70%, since 1970.”

Politic 365
From Your Point Of View
Will the Pro-Choice Movement Step Up?
By Alicia Menendez 

“While [Millennials] believe in a woman’s right to choose, they also see the potential ethical problems with having an abortion,” says Morley Winograd, Millennial Generation expert and co-author of Millennial Momentum. ”They consider the issue to be much more personal as opposed to political, to paraphrase a Boomer feminist slogan.”

US News
& World Report
Romney Is Winning Young Voters ... For Obama
By Brad Bannon

"According to Morley Winograd and Mike Hais in their book Millennial Makeover, the Republicans will pay an even higher price for their right wing social policies when the growing Millennial Generation becomes the dominant force in American politics over the next decade."

Smartphones will become the new credit cards, experts say
By Aundraya Ruse

"Millennial Momentum" co-author Morley Winograd, suggested that resistance is futile, considering the pace at which young adults adapt to technology."

Philadelphia Inquirer
'Me' or 'We': A generational debate
By Stacey Burling

"...old-fashioned wording of the survey questions may have underestimated modern students' interest in the environment and community improvement. Hais said surveys that focus on actions
rather than attitudes show Millennials "are actually a very
participatory generation."

PBS Newshour
How Civically Engaged Are Millennials?
By Judy Woodruff

"Mike Hais and Morley Winograd, authors of two books on the under-30s, are even more dismissive. The former political and survey research experts take Twenge to task for what they call faulty interpretation of data, and for stressing psychological methodology..."

Move Over Boomers, Millennials Gaining  
By Bill Castanier

"Hais says there is good reason to be optimistic about the future and that it’s “not pie in the sky.” He says research shows that the Millennials will force the country to address long simmering problems such as race, immigration, financial security and income distribution. "

Ventura County Star
A Generation Entitled to Idealism  
By Ruben Navarrette
"Millennials are a lot more idealistic. They actually look for solutions to tough problems, and they think solutions are possible in any environment."



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